Welcome to the Conflict of Interest App

Conflict of interest obligations apply whenever a councillor participates in a decision. This includes decision making at a council meeting but also extends to discussing a matter prior to a meeting, as well as consideration or any decision making under the Local Government Act 2009/City of Brisbane Act 2010 (the legislation), a delegation or other authority.

The app prompts councillors to consider relevant factors when determining whether they have a prescribed or declarable conflict of interest. It helps them to identify when an interest should be declared and outlines how to make an appropriate declaration.

Councillors can choose to have the app report emailed to them and their council CEO to assist with the management of their interest.

This app is a guide only and the final decision on whether a conflict exists is still the responsibility of individual councillors, as elected representatives.

This will only be of benefit if answers are open and transparent in all respects. If you are uncertain about your responses be guided by the overriding relevant local government principles:

  • transparent and effective processes
  • decision making in the public interest
  • ethical and legal behaviour

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